Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love Or Above Review

Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love Or Above Review
Looking for an unbiased Love or Above review? Not sure whether this program is for you?

I have to admit when I first heard of Love or Above it all sounded a bit “lovey dovey.” My initial thoughts were that it catered for the those in search of love of their soul-mate. I signed up for the free Love or Above toolkit though and was pleasantly surprised which is why I’ve decided to put together this Love or Above review for our readers..

What Is Love Or Above?

Love or Above is a comprehensive course or “spiritual toolkit” that’s designed to raise your level of consciousness and vibrational levels of energy. Christie Marie Sheldon is the founder of the Love or Above toolkit and is a globally recognized intuitive life coach and personal development mentor.

Christie Marie is the also the founder of the extremely popular Unlimited Abundance program and it’s her strong belief that the main thing holding people back from living in abundance, finding happiness and achieving more in their lives is their personal vibration frequency.

Over the years Christie Marie has researched ways of raising levels of consciousness and energetic vibrational frequencies. She has worked with one-on-one with many clients from across the globe and uses her expertise and experience to deliver the Love or Above toolkit. Her sole intention behind Love or Above is to help as many people overcome their internal “energy blockages” in order to boost their manifestation efforts.

How Does Love Or Above Work?

The Love or Above course is based primarily on the research and findings of Dr. David Hawkins who’s a specialist in psychiatry and states of consciousness. Dr. David Hawkins come to the evident conclusion that all atoms and sub-atoms are energy, meaning everything is derived from energy and has a vibrational frequency.

Based upon his research David measured the energetic frequency of a number of volunteers. He then went onto use the results from this research to produce a chart which would indicate the vibrational frequency of a person. The result from each candidate was then measured on a scale of 1 – 1,000 (using the chart).

How Does The Vibrational Scale Work?

As stated the scale ranges from 1 – 1,000 which is used to measure a persons vibrational frequency with 1 being the lowest and 1,000 being the highest state of consciousness anybody can reach.

The chart consists of different milestones which indicate a persons traits based on their vibrational frequency. The low end of the scale indicates characteristics such as fear and anger whilst the higher end of the chart represents characteristics such as love and peace with “enlightenment” being the highest state of consciousness attainable.

It was based on these findings that Christie Marie created the Love or Above spiritual toolkit. She basically infused the research of Dr. David Hawkins and combined her own mental and spiritual practices through the use of her powerful toolkits to help people raise their vibrational frequency.

It’s designed to help individuals reach the “love” milestone and even excel beyond there in order to start living in abundance and attract happiness, peace and to generally feel more fulfilled. Now, before we continue let’s take a look at the Love or Above vibrational frequency chart and the hierarchy of different milestones.

The Love Or Above Chart

  • Guilt – 30
  • Apathy – 50
  • Grief – 75
  • Fear – 100
  • Desire – 125
  • Anger – 150
  • Pride – 175
  • Courage – 200
  • Neutrality – 250
  • Willingness – 310
  • Acceptance – 350
  • Reason – 400
  • >>>Love – 500<<<
  • Joy – 540
  • Peace – 600
  • Enlightenment – 700+

As you can see I have highlighted the Love milestone which is the “vibration of love.” Anyone who reaches love or above (hence the name of the course) milestone will greatly improve their lives and living in abundance and finding happiness becomes ever more a reality.

Review Of Love or Above by Christie Marie Sheldon

Who Will Benefit From The Love Or Above Toolkit?

I would say just about anyone can benefit from Love or Above. It helps to have a basic understanding of meditation and consciousness but isn’t essential as Christie Marie will walk you through each step outlined in the program.

It’s also estimated that the average vibrational frequency for a person is estimated to be just 207! This is generally because of negative programming that many have become accustomed to as well as past and present events in their lives that deter them from reaching the higher vibrational frequencies.

So, if you want improved health, relationships, to generate more wealth, prosperity and to live in abundance then I highly recommend you reserve your free spot in Christie Marie’s live training event (which is free btw).

Here Christie Explains The Concept Behind Love Or Above


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The Love or Above toolkit by Christie Marie Sheldon has gained widespread popularity in recent months and has raised the standard for self help/ development programs, definitely recommended.



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